Chumba Casino Introduces Branded Prepaid Debit Card

Chumba Casino LogoThe leading sweepstakes casino in the U.S., Chumba Casino, recently launched its new “My Chumba Casino” card in partnership with MasterCard and EML Payment Solutions Limited. Anyone of legal gambling age can acquire the new card by signing up for a free account at Chumba Casino.

Chumba Casino customers can use this prepaid debit MasterCard to purchase Gold Coins packages and redeem Sweeps Coins for cash using an ATM withdrawal. It’s also good for regular purchases everywhere that MasterCard is accepted.

Whether using it to play games at Chumba Casino or to buy groceries, players can do everything they need with the Chumba Casino MasterCard.

How to Get the Chumba Casino MasterCard

Acquiring a Chumba prepaid card is pretty simple. Players must first sign up at Chumba Casino or log into their existing player account. Then, go to the Chumba Casino MasterCard section and complete the application.

The enrollment process begins once players make an initial deposit and purchase their first Gold Coins package. Once the application is submitted, it takes seven to ten business days to receive the new Chumba Casino MasterCard by mail.

Players can activate the Chumba Casino MasterCard by going to the website address on the back of the card. (This requires a valid Chumba Casino login.) Then tap the “Unlock” button. After entering the six-digit code from the back of the card, a unique PIN will be provided. At that point, players can purchase Gold Coins packages and redeem cash prizes.

Chumba Casino Card’s Advantages

The Chumba Casino prepaid MasterCard gives the provider an advantage over other sweepstakes casinos with the most convenient way for players to make purchases and redemptions.

Because Chumba Casino issues the card, transactions will avoid verification needed for other online banking methods. This translates to quicker redemptions with less effort.

It’s also an excellent option for players on a budget, as you can’t access more funds than are loaded onto the card. The Chumba Casino card offers all the benefits of any regular MasterCard. It is accepted at millions of locations worldwide and has a high level of security to protect every transaction.

Limits of the Card

The card has a maximum load limit of $5,000, which is also the most players can withdraw per transaction. The maximum balance players can have on the card is $25,000. Retail purchases and PIN payments have a maximum transaction limit of $2,500. Users can withdraw up to $500 using an ATM, with no more than ten transactions per day.

The only downside to applying for a Chumba Casino card is that players may need to submit several documents to prove their identity. It could potentially take longer for approval compared to other convenient Chumba Casino banking methods.


The My Chumba Casino card is worth having for users who often play at Chumba Sweepstakes Casino. Not only does it offer the safest and most convenient way to make Gold Coins purchases, but it can also help players make effortless Sweeps Coins redemptions for cash and prizes.

The other great feature is that the Chumba Casino card can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted.