Fliff LogoFliff Sportsbook is one of the few options available for people who enjoy betting on sports but may not live in a state where online betting is legal.  Fliff isn’t like your typical online sportsbook but operates as a sweepstakes site. This lets anyone play and bet on sports for free.

Players will find that Fliff Sportsbook functions the same as other online sportsbooks. Picks are offered in both Free and Sweepstakes mode so that you can bet for fun and still win cash.

Players that may be asking is Fliff legit will learn that Fliff Sportsbook is a reliable and safe sports betting option. It has thousands of satisfied users throughout the entire U.S. market.  

Fliff vs. Traditional Online Sportsbooks

Fliff is one of the best online sports betting alternatives for players in states where traditional sportsbooks like DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM aren’t a legal option. For those that ask, “Is Fliff legit?” the platform is available in 42 states. It’s been a solid alternative for bettors since 2018. Based in Philadelphia, it has an interactive platform that lets players bet on their favorite sporting events without risking any money.

Sweepstakes contests are legal in almost every state because they provide a free method to win real money and prizes. At Fliff Sportsbook, Fliff Cash is awarded for free on the app, by mail-in request, and through various social media promotions. Because the coins are free, betting with them isn’t considered gambling. That means that Fliff Sportsbook isn’t required to apply for a state gaming license like real-money online sportsbooks.

Fliff Coins

Traditional sportsbooks require players to deposit cash before they can start betting. However, Fliff Sportsbook allows players to wager for free using virtual coins. Coins are provided daily on the app or by participating in contests and promotions.

Fliff Coins are used to bet for fun, with extra coins awarded to players every two hours. Players can also purchase Fliff Coin packages. These always come with a bonus in Fliff Cash, the virtual betting currency that players can redeem for cash. Our detailed Fliff Sports Betting review provides more detail on how to register and win. 

No Purchase Required

The most significant difference between Fliff Sportsbook and real-money online casinos is that no cash deposit or purchase is required for players to wager on their favorite sporting events. Another great feature of Fliff Sportsbook is that you only need to be 18 years old to play. All real money U.S. sportsbooks have a minimum age requirement of 21. 

Fliff User Safety

While Fliff Sportsbook isn’t required to hold a state license to operate, that doesn’t mean it’s not a secure online betting option. Just like real money online casinos, Fliff is required to ensure customer transactions are protected. They do this by using TSL encryption technology.

Another way to know for sure is Fliff legit is that it offers an official app for Android and iOS devices. Both app stores take extensive measures to ensure only legitimate apps are provided on their platforms. 

Because Fliff is a sweepstakes betting platform, many laws and regulations for the online gaming industry don’t apply to the app. However, Fliff Sportsbook maintains its positive reputation by adhering to strict guidelines that provide fairness and a high level of player security.

When asking is Fliff betting legit, software and security data on the Fliff Sportsbook website indicate that it’s a reliable and safe platform. Data such as the country of origin, age of the site, and security certificates give Fliff Sportsbook a high rating. This makes it safe when providing your personal and financial data. Research found that Fliff holds a valid SSL certificate, is considered an old site, and does not contain any malware or phishing.    

What Players Say About Fliff Sportsbook

An excellent way to find out is Fliff sports betting legit is from the players themselves. Thousands of bettors at Fliff Sportsbook have given online reviews at the App Store on Google Play Store. You’ll find overwhelmingly positive results. Many users even live in states where online sportsbooks are legal and prefer Fliff over traditional betting platforms.  

Fliff Sportsbook app is ranked #76 in sports apps on the App Store. It has with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 with almost 39,000 player reviews. Android Fliff Sportsbook users have downloaded the app over 50,000 times. Their average user rating is 4.7 out of 5 among the 3,000 reviews

Fliff Sportsbook Payouts

Players who want to discover is Fliff legit have no better way to understand than experiencing if Fliff Sportsbook pays promptly when requesting winnings. While Fliff Sportsbook doesn’t offer as many payout options as other online providers, winners can have their Fliff Cash redemptions securely deposited directly into their account using their institution’s online banking feature. 

One of the fastest ways to make purchases and redeem Fliff Cash for real money is using Skrill. Skrill is a secure e-wallet that doesn’t require any personal banking information to be provided to Fliff Sportsbook. Players that want to purchase Fliff Coins packages can do so instantly using the security of VISA and MasterCard debit and credit cards. While the banking choices are few, bettors can feel secure they’ll receive payouts in as fast as one to five business days, depending on the method used.


Is Fliff Sportsbook legit? The answer is yes. Fliff Sportsbook is a secure and trustworthy betting platform. It is available to anyone 18 or older and lets players bet on their favorite teams and sporting events for free. Many sports bettors even prefer it over traditional online casinos that require a deposit to begin wagering.

Fliff Sportsbook is also legit because it operates under strict U.S. Sweepstakes laws. This ensures players are safe while allowing them to turn their virtual coins into real cash and prizes. The Fliff app is available for download in 42 states and has mostly positive reviews in both the App Store and Google Play Store.

If you’re looking for a legitimate and legal option to win cash and prizes while betting on your favorite sports for free, you should look no further than Fliff Sportsbook.