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Fliff Social Sportsbook is presenting a remarkable opportunity for new users – you receive a 100% matching bonus of up to 600,000 Fliff Coins and an additional $100 in Fliff Cash just for registering for free. The $100 in Fliff Cash can be used for Fliff sports betting and redeemable for real money prizes.

This promotion is similar to a sweepstakes casino bonus, where players receive a Fliff Cash reward each time they purchase virtual Fliff Coins. There are also many ways for players to attain more free Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash bonuses.

In addition, as soon as players sign up and their account is confirmed, they will be awarded an additional $25 Fliff Cash bonus in their Fliff account. Once the Fliff sports betting app for iOS or Android is downloaded, there are various methods to sign in and obtain the reward.

Players do not need a Fliff bonus code or to deposit their own money to take advantage of this promotion. All you have to do is register and start betting.

Fliff Sports Betting Quick Summary

In 2018, Fliff Social Sportsbook was established as a privately-owned enterprise that conceptualized its unique sports betting platform that’s exclusively designed for the sweepstakes gaming model. The company, headquartered in Philadelphia, provides an innovative way for customers to enjoy betting on sports without any risks through its highly interactive sports betting platform.

The Fliff sports betting platform incorporates sports betting into a social media environment while providing a rewards program allowing players to win cash and prizes. New players must register for an account before playing with Fliff Cash. Purchasing Fliff Coins will always include a bonus of additional Fliff Cash that players can use to wager and redeem for real money.

Fliff Social Sportsbook Pros and Cons

Fliff Sportsbook is the leader among providers using the sweepstakes-based model for sports betting. Here are some of the pros and cons of Fliff sports betting:


  • Available in 42 states
  • Play for free or for real money
  • Can bet on top sports leagues
  • Attractive rewards program
  • Easy-to-use mobile app
  • Live betting


  • No web-based platform
  • Not available in all states
  • Limited banking options

How Fliff Sports Betting Works

Fliff stands out as a distinctive social sports betting application, offering users the opportunity to play for free or for money. Functioning similar to an online sportsbook, the Fliff app also encompasses social and sweepstakes modes, providing an immersive experience for those who enjoy competing for prizes while having fun.

Purchasing Fliff Coins will earn players a bonus in Fliff Cash, depending on the amount they buy. They can also earn Fliff Cash by winning bets when using it to make wagers. Players can only win cash and prizes by redeeming Fliff Cash, which is equal to the same amount in dollars.

Can I win real money at Fliff Social Sportsbook?

Yes! When wagering at Fliff Social Sportsbook using Fliff Cash, anything players win can be redeemed for real money. Here are a few user reviews posted by winners at Fliff:

Josh Stanley stated on Google Play that he’s happy about his $4,500 win at Fliff Sportsbook.

Fliff Sports Betting Review

DisneyEndings is pleased with the speed of Fliff sports betting withdrawals, taking home $295.

Fliff Sports Betting Review

Theron Bosley is satisfied with his fast $50 withdrawal at Fliff Sportsbook.

Fliff Sportsbook Review

Paige Phillips has already withdrawn twice for over $50 and is waiting to redeem more cash from Fliff.

Fliff Sportsbook Review

Available Sports Markets at Fliff Social Sportsbook

Although Fliff may not provide the same array of betting options and sports markets like some of the leading online sportsbooks, it still manages to cater to the needs of most sports bettors. The platform allows users to place bets on all significant US sports and some of the popular European leagues.

Fliff Social Sportsbook includes the following betting markets:

Fliff Sportsbok Bet Types

At Fliff Social Sportsbook, bettors have access to a vast selection of betting markets that are comparable to any other online sportsbook. Additionally, the platform provides players with the opportunity to enhance their earnings by offering boosted odds on numerous betting lines. Below are some of the betting markets that are available at Fliff:


Moneylines are the most popular wager where players choose the team or participant they think will win based on the odds provided. Betting on the underdog typically gives players a bigger payout.


Players can pick the team they believe will cover the spread, which is the margin of victory or defeat set by the sportsbook. To win a bet on the favorite, the team must win the game by more than the margin provided.


The over/under or total requires bettors to pick whether the combined points scored in a game will be over or under the total provided by Fliff.


Players can combine multiple bets from different games into a single wager. The payout on a parlay is much higher than a standard bet, but all selections must win for the parlay to be successful.

Same Game Parlays

This popular new betting market lets players build a parlay by combining wagers from the same game. Just like a regular parlay, all choices must be correct for the parlay to win.

Player Props

Player props let bettors wager if a player will perform over or under a specific game statistic, such as if Partick Mahomes will throw over or under 2.5 touchdown passes in a game.

Game Props

Players can bet on specific team events during a game, such as which team will score the first points.

Live Betting

Fliff sports betting also includes the ability to make live wagers on select sporting events as the action takes place. However, the provider doesn’t offer live streaming of games for its in-play betting.

How do I Start Playing at Fliff Social Sportsbook?

It’s easy to open an account and start making wagers at Fliff. However, the platform is only available using the mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android devices. New users must first go to getfliff.com, where they can select the version suitable to their device and download the app.

After entering the required information and accepting the terms and conditions, players must verify their account by SMS. Players will then receive a Fliff no-deposit bonus of a 100% match of up to 600,000 Fliff Coins plus $100 in Fliff Cash.

Also, once your account is verified, you will be credited another $25 bonus in Fliff Cash. No Fliff bonus code is needed to take advantage of these offers.

Those that wish to redeem Fliff Cash for real money must provide their banking details for withdrawal and a valid form of government ID. The minimum Fliff Cash balance to request a cash out is $50. All Fliff Cash sweepstakes bonuses must meet a 1x wagering requirement before being redeemed.

How much do users like Fliff Social Sportsbook?

Most players betting at Fliff Social Sportsbook have reported a positive experience. These users from the Google Play Store recently posted a Fliff Social Sportsbook review:

Elia has been happy with their experience since playing at Fliff:

Fliff Sports Betting

Chris Clark says the Fliff Sportsbook app is highly recommended:

Fliff Social Sportsbook

Bjorn Odom likes how easy the Fliff Sportsbook app is to use:

Fliff Sportsbook

Dommy A likes that they can make money without risking any cash:

Fliff Sports Betting

Is Fliff Legit?

Yes. Sweepstakes gaming platforms like Fliff targeting the U.S. audience must comply with federal regulations. Fliff must maintain transparency and responsibility in all its operations and strictly adhere to U.S. sweepstakes gaming laws to avoid potential legal and monetary implications.

Players who want to redeem their Fliff Cash for real money and prizes can do so easily. There are several different packages for players to purchase Fliff Coins, which always include a bonus in Fliff Cash that players can use to win real money.

Fliff Sports Betting Features

Fliff Loyalty Club

Another way players at Fliff can earn rewards is through the Fliff Loyalty Club. Every correct bet made with Fliff Coins and by completing challenges will earn players XP, which they can redeem to purchase coins or gift cards for their favorite brands like Chili’s and StubHub.

Fliff Bonus Code and Promotions

Existing players at Fliff Social Sportsbook will receive a daily login bonus of 5,000 free Fliff Coins. No bonus code is needed to claim the daily login prize. If your balance is below $5 you’ll also receive $1 in Fliff Cash. Players can claim this daily prize by clicking the ‘Cashier’ tab on the main screen.

Fliff Sports Betting App

The mobile app available for Android and iOS is the only way to play at Fliff Social Sportsbook. Customers can download it from the company’s website at getfliff.com or the App Store and Google Play Store. Players familiar with using sports betting apps should have no problem navigating the platform and getting right into the action.

Responsible Gaming

Fliff Social Sportsbook fully supports responsible social gaming and has several gaming management tools to help players control their activity. Players can use the Session Reminder feature, which suspends play while indicating how long they’ve been online. They can also limit how many Fliff Coins they purchase and play daily.

Cashier Options at Fliff Social Sportsbook

Fliff doesn’t offer as many banking methods as a typical online sportsbook. Players can buy Fliff Coin packages through several methods, which come with a bonus in Fliff Cash based on the purchase amount.

Credit/Debit Card

Players can purchase Fliff Coins using major credit and debit cards like VISA and MasterCard. This is the fastest way to buy coins, but transactions can sometimes be delayed depending on the financial institution. However, purchases using this method are usually made instantly.

Online Banking

Players can purchase Fliff Coins using this option directly through their bank account. They can also redeem Fliff Cash through this method, which typically takes several business days to process.


This is a secure e-wallet that customers can use to purchase Fliff Coins. Players can buy coins instantly using this method. It’s great for players who want to avoid delays common when using debit and credit cards. Your Fliff Cash can also be redeemed using this withdrawal method.

Fliff Social Sportsbook States

Fliff Social Sportsbook permits players aged 18 and above to participate, and it is permissible in all US states except for Washington. However, individuals in the following states with restrictions on sweepstakes cannot play or redeem Fliff Cash for real money:

  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Nevada
  • South Carolina

Does Fliff offer entry by mail to receive free Fliff Cash?

Anyone in legal US states who is interested in receiving Fliff Cash can send a hand-written request by mail to receive $10 in Fliff Cash credits to the following address:

Fliff, Inc.
Fliff Sweepstakes Department
P.O. Box 22645
100 S. Broad St. Suite 30
Philadelphia, PA 19110-9997

Fliff Social Sportsbook Customer Support

Fliff has a customer service department, but there is no direct phone number or online chat available. The provider’s current contact methods are:

Email: Players can contact customer service by emailing support@getfliff.com. The site doesn’t specify when customers can expect a response.

Support Ticket: Users can submit a support ticket at getfliff.com/contact. The ticketing system will confirm receiving the customer’s request, with no set response time mentioned.


Does Fliff Social Sportsbook have a rewards program?

Yes. The Fliff Loyalty Club gives players a chance to earn extra rewards. Players earn XP for completing challenges and winning bets that can be redeemed for Fliff Coins or various popular gift cards.

How do I get paid when I win at Fliff Social Sportsbook?

Customers can redeem Fliff Cash for real money that can be withdrawn using the online banking feature at their bank or through the secure e-wallet Skrill.

Can Fliff Social Sportsbook limit or reject my bets?

Like any online gaming provider, Fliff Social Sportsbook reserves the right to limit or refuse any bets that don’t comply with its terms of service.

Is there a daily Fliff Social Sportsbook login bonus?

Yes. Existing players at Fliff Social Sportsbook can receive a daily bonus of 5,000 Fliff Coins just for logging in and a bonus of $1 in Fliff Cash if their current balance is $5 or less.

Do I have to make a purchase to play at Fliff Social Sportsbook?

No. Anyone can play for free at Fliff Social Sportsbook using Fliff Coins. They can also redeem any Fliff Cash earned for real money if they qualify and live in a state where it’s legal.