Global Poker Wraps Up 2023 US Poker Open

Global PokerGlobal Poker concluded its 2023 U.S. Poker Open online series on Sunday, September 3rd. The two-week tournament had been running since August 21st. The last four events took place on the final day, with “FlushMe2Tears” dominating the series with four tournament wins.

However, they could only finish second on the Gold Coins leaderboard behind “amx,” who ended the series with 2,694 points. “FishSamich” was the Sweeps Coins leaderboard winner, with the biggest chip stack of 1,090.43 coins.

“FlushMe2Tears” won three of the first 12 events, all coming from Gold Coins tournaments. The subsequent victory for the online poker player was in Event #13-H, GC 99,000 Super Deep No-Limit Hold ’em. In this event they took home 5,790,000 Gold Coins. No other player in the series won more than two events, including those on the Sweeps Coins side.

The U.S. Poker Open online series had 16 High and 16 Low Gold Coins tournaments. It also featured 32 Sweeps Coins events.

Main Event Winners

The most prominent events in the Global Poker U.S. Poker Open were featured on the final weekend. This included the series’ Main Event, which started play on Sunday, September 3rd. Over 400 players entered the 99,000 Gold Coins Main Event, while the 99 Sweeps Coins Main Event drew over 1,300 entrants.

“Tuggyswife” was the big winner in the Gold Coins Main Event, taking 23,687,500 Gold Coins. “Squirrel22” was the biggest winner of the series after taking down the 41,750 Sweeps Coins Main Event prize.

“FlushMe2Tears” was probably the most remarkable player throughout the tournament with their four tournament wins, but surprisingly, they didn’t capture the series championship.

However, the most points were racked up by “amx,” the winner of Event #14-H for 7,681,951 Gold Coins. That gave them the most points to edge out the four-time winner by just over 22 points.

Leaderboard Winners

The difference between first and second place on the Global Poker U.S. Poker Open Series Sweep Coins leaderboard was much bigger, with “FishSamich” concluding with 1,090.43 points to finish ahead of “betohas,” who ended the series with 969.58 points.

Third place went to “flush634,” who ended the series more than 200 points behind the winner. “FishSamich” also won in Event #4-H: SC 99 Super Turbo Bounty (6-Max) for 6,158.21 Sweeps Coins after outlasting 447 other players.

Other big Sweeps Coins winners were “Dtfbobsaget,” who took home 12,270 Sweeps Coins after winning event 11 H – SC 60,000 Guaranteed (1R1A, 6-Max).

“Blackraspberry” took the title in the 99 Sweeps Coins event 13 H – SC 60,000 GTD (Super Deep) for 11,250 Sweeps Coins, and “Chinapokerman” won 10,250 Sweeps Coins after taking the title in event 14 H – SC 50,000 GTD (1R1A, 8-Max).

The next Global Poker series will be the Eagle Cup VI, which will begin on October 23 and run for 21 days. It features 216 trophy events and two main events, with 30,000,000 Gold Coins and 200,000 Sweeps Coins guaranteed to be awarded.