Golden Hearts Games Surpasses $20 Million in Donations

Golden Hearts CasinoThe world’s first online charity casino, Golden Hearts Games, has processed over $20 million in donations since it went live in August 2020. The provider doesn’t promote any specific charity, but users can play casino games for free with a chance to win cash and prizes while supporting the IRS-recognized public charity of their choice. Currently, there are over 1.4 million charities recognized by the IRS. Players can enjoy their favorite games to support any of one of these.

When customers buy virtual currency to play at Golden Hearts Games, a percentage of their purchase is automatically donated to their favorite charity. When they win, players can redeem virtual coins for real money, which they can transfer directly into their bank accounts. All donations at Golden Hearts Games are directed to a fund that distributes grants to the many charities users select.

The platform has changed the fundraising focus from wealthy, celebrated donors who get lots of media attention and adoration to everyday people who are small donors. Everyone associated with Golden Hearts games is rewarded through its charitable promotional casino games that allow players to play for free or purchase virtual coin packages to help their favorite charity.

Golden Hearts Games Invites Nonprofits to Join

Interested nonprofit organizations are encouraged to join the Golden Hearts Philanthropic Partner Coalition. This offers them various ways to increase funding through its games. Over 90 organizations have joined, including well-known charities like Canine Lifeline, Inc. and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Golden Hearts is also partnered with Givinga Foundation, a public charity that efficiently distributes funds to many charitable organizations.

Any charity eligible to receive grants is guaranteed to have funds from players that support them distributed directly to that charity by Givinga Foundation. These charities will receive donations from Golden Hearts Games players, regardless of whether it knows the donor or what Golden Hearts Games does.

How It Works

Players must first create an account at Golden Hearts Games online. They may then choose any charity they prefer from the list of eligible organizations. Coin purchases let players make donations as small as $10, with all charitable funds distributed by Givinga Foundation. These donations are also tax-deductible for U.S. residents who play at Golden Hearts Games.

Donations can’t be split among different charities, but players can change their chosen charity whenever they want. Changing charities won’t affect any donations made prior to the change. This will direct Giving a Foundation to make the player’s next grant to the new charity, including any applicable subscription payments.

Users can also play at Golden Hearts Games by requesting virtual currency for free. Free currency can be used to play bingo and other “Quick Play” games where they can win cash prizes. In addition, players can request a redemption code by mail. The code can be redeemed online for 5.25 Golden Hearts virtual coins.

Eighty percent (80%) of all donations are used to fulfill prizes won at Golden Hearts Games. The remaining balance (20%) is divided equally. Half, or 10%, goes to the player’s charity, and the other 10% goes toward the provider’s operator fees.