Zula Casino Partners with Casimba Gaming

Zula Casino has announced the addition of Habanero games to its platform, thanks to a new partnership with Casimba Gaming. This collaboration aims to enhance the gaming experience for users by offering a wide range of high-quality casino games. The partnership is expected to bring over 700 casino-style games, including popular slots, fish, megaways, and crash games, to ZulaCasino.com.

Details of the Partnership

The partnership between Zula Casino and Casimba Gaming is a significant move in the online gaming industry. Casimba Gaming, a leader in the global iGaming industry, will provide its extensive content portfolio to Zula Casino. This includes access to games from more than 95 top studios. Users can now explore new titles in the lobby’s “New” category, making it easier to discover the latest additions.

With the integration of Habanero games, Zula Casino users can now enjoy popular slot titles such as Laughing Buddha, Disco Beats, and Lucky Lucky. These games are known for their engaging gameplay and high-quality graphics, providing an immersive gaming experience. The addition of these titles is expected to attract more players to the platform and enhance user engagement.

Casimba Gaming’s Role in the Partnership

Casimba Gaming is renowned for its comprehensive approach to the iGaming industry, leveraging cutting-edge tools and technology for real-time optimization and actionable insights. The company offers a versatile multi-product vertical and a multi-licensed PAM system, customizable for self-serviced or managed solutions. This enables seamless management of various aspects of online businesses, making it an ideal partner for Zula Casino.

Zula Casino’s Market Presence

Zula Casino debuted its social casino with sweepstakes features in the U.S. market last year and has since built a substantial user community. The platform offers over 700 casino-style games, including slots, fish, megaways, and crash games. Zula Casino is known for its user-friendly website and personalized promotions, which have contributed to its growing popularity among online gamers.

Statements from Key Personnel

Tamar Laypan, Program Manager of Zula Casino, expressed excitement about the partnership with Casimba Gaming. Laypan is confident that this collaboration will provide the best-in-class content supply, backed by superior tech-stack and account management. Lavina Karlsson, Director B2B of Casimba Gaming, also shared her delight in boosting Blazesoft’s content offering. She emphasized the importance of a wide selection of titles for operators through the aggregator solution.

Blazesoft Ltd.: The Driving Force

Blazesoft Ltd., the company behind Zula Casino, is a pioneering force in the online entertainment industry. Known for redefining boundaries through innovative gaming experiences and technology, Blazesoft is a leading provider of online entertainment solutions. The company is committed to player satisfaction and has established industry-leading partnerships to offer high-quality games.

Vision and Future Prospects

Blazesoft’s vision focuses on delivering immersive and engaging gaming experiences. The company is a trusted name in the gaming landscape, with an expanding portfolio that includes FortuneCoins.com, ZulaCasino.com, and Sportzino.com. These platforms are shaping the future of online gaming, offering a diverse range of games and features to cater to different player preferences.


The partnership between Zula Casino and Casimba Gaming marks a significant milestone in the online gaming industry. With the addition of Habanero games, Zula Casino is set to offer an enhanced gaming experience to its users. The collaboration leverages Casimba Gaming’s extensive content portfolio and cutting-edge technology, ensuring that Zula Casino remains a top choice for online gamers. For more information, visit blazesoft.ca.

This partnership is expected to bring exciting new opportunities for both companies and their users, solidifying their positions in the competitive online gaming market.