Crash Predictor Game is the Latest Innovation at Stake.US LogoStake.US, owned and operated by Medium Rare N.V., is one of the leading online sweepstakes casinos. It attracts players with its extensive library of games, including 18 Stake Originals developed in-house. The Crash predictor game is one of the exclusive titles at Stake.US and has been a massive hit since the crypto casino launched online in July 2022. Crash is available to play for free at Stake.US Sweepstakes Casino using gold coins or Stake Cash, which players can redeem for cryptocurrency, gift cards, and other merchandise.

What is Crash?

Crash is a unique online casino game that’s fast-paced and appeals to both advanced and new users. The object of the game being to cash out your bet before the multiplier value crashes. The multiplier increases as the graph line moves upward, with the player deciding when to cash out. Waiting too long will lose the entire stake once the multiplier goes to zero. 

Crash also has an interactive element, as multiple players can simultaneously participate in the same round. A third window displays bets placed by other players, along with their wins and losses. Users can combine those stats with their own to better develop a strategy for playing the game.

How to Play Crash at Stake.US

New users can play Crash by registering online at Stake.US, where they can also take advantage of a 5% rakeback and 200% welcome bonus. Then just head to the lobby and select Crash from the list of Stake Originals. Once the next round begins, players can make their bet by clicking “Bet Amount” and choosing their cashout point.

Crash features two modes. Manual mode is where players must click  “Cashout” as they watch the game progress. The Auto mode requires them to select cashout odds in advance. Auto mode also has the option to run the same cashout odds for multiple rounds. Once the multiplier crashes, another game starts automatically, giving players unlimited chances to take advantage of the game’s low 1% house edge. 

Crash Winning Strategies

There isn’t much strategy involved playing Crash at Stake.US, with results based on a random number generator. The high RTP adds to Crash’s excitement, giving a better chance of winning and longer gameplay. However, players should be careful how they wager when attempting to land higher multipliers, as they have a far lower chance of hitting.

Players are likely to win more often by making conservative predictions in each round of Crash. Winning a round is likelier at the lower multipliers, meaning profits might be less impressive. However, those frequent small gains will be much more satisfying than waiting for one huge win while taking significant losses. 

The only potential problem is that it can sometimes take many hours to make substantial profits. Because there will be losing bets during the process, this Crash strategy can be tiresome and often difficult to sustain for long periods.

Players can also adopt the risky smash-and-grab strategy by making big bets and holding out for the huge payout. This strategy isn’t suited for users that enjoy playing for extended periods and shouldn’t be used for more than a few rounds before switching to another method. 

Using Stake.US Virtual Coins to Play Crash

Players can enjoy Crash at Stake.US sweepstakes casino using virtual coins called gold coins and Stake Cash. Playing with gold coins rewards players with more of them when they win, which can be used to continue playing games in the Stake.US library. 

Stake Cash can also be used to play Crash, but users must play coins at least 3x before cashing out. Once players meet the wagering requirement, larger amounts of Stake Cash can be redeemed for crypto, and smaller amounts can be traded for gift cards from major U.S. retailers and other merchandise.